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How Vapour Blasting works

Vapour Blasting uses water mixed with fine media to gently renew the surface finish on your parts. The water allows the media to flow over the material and remove the dirt and contaminants without pitting or imbedding on impact that other forms of blasting will. Vapour blasting is generally much gentler than dry abrasive blasting. 

I have always worked on my own vehicles. Racing motocross in the 80's and then Road racing as well as maintaining my cars and trucks. My Dad was an aircraft mechanic and taught me everything I know. One of my first lessons was that he wouldn't touch my bikes unless I cleaned them first. I have always spent considerable time cleaning my parts before putting them back on. 

When I discovered Vapour Blasting I was immediately impressed by the results and how thorough the process was. No more brillo pad or wire brush and wheel. This method has made my restorations and maintenance of vehicles so much more satisfying. The pictures speak for themselves.




Cleaning and polishing

Part restoration

Paint removal

Matte finish to prep parts for powder coating

Rust/scale removal



The rate for vapour blasting is $100/hr

The cabinet internal workspace measures 33"X 30"X 28" 

Most items are finished in 5 -15 minutes on average depending on size and condition
On average $20-30 for a single item. Multiple items does make it more economical.

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